Your parents are coming from far and wide just to see your smiling, please-give-me-some-rent-money face. Here are some of the top things to take care of before they’re ringing your doorbell. 

1. Clean Yo House

Let’s be honest, your parents are probably staying at a hotel that’s a million times nicer than your apartment, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be giving your place a 20-point inspection. Some parents just seem to carry magnifying glasses in their purses and pockets. They will have some comments and concerns about your inflatable couch, chipped plates, and anything else they might find. So give your place a good scrubbing before they walk through the door. 

2. Make Time

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Know how busy you are with your job, errands, and dinner dates? Now imagine squeezing in time to pick up your snot-smudged self from school every afternoon on top of daily life. If your parents did that for you for years, the least you can do is pick them up from the airport. Mom and Pop do not want an Uber ride from a guy whose car smells like Doritos®. It would also be nice if you didn’t decide to have a drinking marathon the one weekend they’re in town. Sure, it’s your co-worker’s boyfriend’s birthday, but you can resist just this once. Besides, isn’t it time to move past the “hiding your hangover” stage with your folks? Go eat scrambled eggs with them Sunday morning without a pounding headache. 

3. Get a Plan

Is there anything more upsetting than, “What do you want to do?” “No, what do you want to do?” volleyed back and forth like a flat circle? Take initiative. Plan out their stay with a mix of tourist attractions they’ll want to see, along with some things you like to do on your own time. Here’s a hint: If there’s something in town that attracts people in visors, white tennis shoes, and oversized cameras, that’s where you should be. And yes, it’s important to show them your side of life, too. Your favourite, noisy gastropub is not where they want to hang out, but you can at least get lunch there. 

4. How Are Your Taxes?

Saving, male hand putting a coin into piggy bank.

The first day of their trip is basically a job interview. Do you have this taken care of? This? This? You know those questions are coming, so get it together. Catch up on the emails they sent, mail out any birthday cards you’ve been late on, and take a peek on your finances. You already know that the questions are coming, so prepare! And remember, being asked about your credit score comes out of love.

Your parents adore you and you adore them, so make sure you have it together when they travel to see you. Give them a great experience in your city, and enjoy the time that you have with them on their trip!

Do you do have any tips for preparing for a parental visit?