When the sun is shining and the temperatures stay warm long into the afternoon, it’s time to strap on your boots and go out for an adventure on Grouse Mountain. The mountain peak has long offered a ton of summer activities, which is why we partnered up with Grouse Mountain to present you the top five sports to try this summer on the hillside.

Mountain Ziplines

It’s just you, a harness, and empty air all the way to the ground. Mountain Ziplines are not for the faint of heart, but are well worth the thrill. Try out the five-line circuit on Grouse Mountain that takes you past the peaks and over the canyons. You can book a solo experience, or a group tour. On your way there, a trained guide will tell tales of the landscape and its history as you explore the woodsy area. Then, you’re buckled into the straps and sent on your way, reaching speeds of up to 80km/hr on the zipline. When you’re ready to zip past your fears, this is the sport to try.

O2X Summit Challenge



Stretch your legs, wiggle your toes, and get ready for one of the most challenging runs in Vancouver. This July, Grouse Mountain welcomes the O2X Summit Challenge. Runners will run through rivers, glades, streams, and rock formations as they go from an elevation of roughly 300 m to a staggering 1,130 m. The 8 km-long path is off-trail, and purposefully rugged. If you feel like rooting for the runners instead of racing, take the Super Skyride up to the finish, where you can cheer on the competitors. Once everyone is together at the peak, enjoy O2X BaseCamp, a festival with live music, food, and educational booths about human endurance. You may also want to sign up for the Clearly.ca Grouse Grind Mountain Run. Now in its 25th year, the 2.9 km run brings out both experts and beginners.

The Grouse Grind

If you want to give your legs a workout without the pressure of a marathon clock, take up the Grouse Grind. The 3 km-long trail is a challenge, but a good burn. It’s sometimes called “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster,” as the path has a vertical bent, with the stones acting as natural steps farther up the mountain’s face. Roughly 150,000 people hike up the Grind each year, with an average completion time of an hour and a half, with a two hour recommendation for beginning hikers.




Over the rivers and above the trees, your paraglide sways you slowly back to earth. Grouse Mountain from a paraglide is a view you can’t get anywhere else. The paragliding package includes Ground School, where you learn launch technique, the design of a glider, and some rudimentary meteorology, as weather determines flight possibilities. The flight itself is smooth and clean as you glide through the air to the ground below. You’ll experience what it means to fly and learn how a paraglider is controlled through turns and pitches. Once you land, you’ll never look at the sky the same way again.

Mountain Disc Golf

How good is your precision game? How about your Frisbee game? If you’re the bees’ knees with both, it’s only right to test your skills with disc golf atop the tallest mountain in the city. The 18-hole course is situated on rugged terrain, giving players a real challenge. Purchase your choice of champion-style discs and watch as everyone tries to get their orb into the basket for the win.

This summer, fly, golf, run, hike, and experience everything grand Grouse Mountain has to offer.

What are your favourite activities on Grouse Mountain?