If you’re travelling to Vegas, chances are you’re going to end up at a bar at some point during your visit. Now, you could go to your hotel’s local watering hole, or you could try out some of the more unique bars in Las Vegas. Since we think you’d enjoy the latter, here’s a look at some unusual bars to consider:

The Chandelier in Las Vegas

The Chandelier

Located inside The Cosmopolitan, this is one of the best bars in Vegas right now. The name says it all; The Chandelier is a three level bar draped in crystal beads that glitter pink and lavender in the light. A spiralling glass staircase allows you to move between the different floors where you can listen to a live band or enjoy softer lounge music while you catch up with friends.

Beauty Bar

A bright neon sign flashing ‘Salon of Beauty’ welcomes you into this hipster hangout on Fremont Street. The 1950s decor was salvaged from an old beauty parlour in New Jersey and inside you’ll find hair drying booths, large mirrors, and drinks with names like Platinum Blonde. Want Margaritas and a manicure? You can book the Beauty Bar for a bachelorette or a birthday party and get all glammed up in there.

Insert Coin(s)

This video lounge and game bar is a gamer’s paradise. Where else can you grab a drink and then challenge a friend to Madden NFL? Insert Coin(s) has a vast selection of games covering classics from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, including the likes of Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Pac Man Plus, and Tetris. But it’s not all old school; they also carry the latest Xbox 360 and PlayStation games which you can play on large screen HDTVs. Try beating your highest score after a few drinks!

Mermaid Lounge

This bar takes ‘under the sea’ to a whole new level. Tropical fish? Check. Stingrays? Check. Enchanting mermaids swimming through the colourful reef? Check! Located inside the Silverton Casino, the Mermaid Restaurant and Lounge is home to a giant aquarium where mythical creatures come to life. Just be sure to check the mermaids’ swim times before you visit!

Minus 5 Ice Bar

If the Vegas heat is getting to you, head straight to Minus 5 Ice Bar which is literally one of the city’s coolest bars. Like the name suggests, temperatures are kept at a constant minus 5 degrees Celsius, meaning you can experience a winter wonderland smack dab in the middle of the desert. Everything in here is made out of ice, including the walls, the seats, and the very glasses you drink out of. This bar is so popular that it now has 2 locations in Vegas: one in Mandalay Bay and another in Monte Carlo. No need to pack your winter gear in your suitcase; as soon as you arrive at Minus 5 Ice Bar you will be outfitted with mittens and your choice of a parka or faux fur coat. Bundle up and bottoms up!

Any other cool bars in Las Vegas we should know about?