As a parent, those hazy days of body shots and flashing beads may be over, but you can still expect plenty of bottles on your Cancun vacation—baby bottles, at least.  Mexico may be better known for its spring break antics, but it’s still a welcoming paradise for adults once it’s time to grow up. Here are some of best things to do in Cancun to keep the whole family entertained.

Snorkels, the Next Best Thing to Pacifiers

If the kiddos are old enough to swim, treat them to a day in the water with dolphins.  There are several dolphin tours available for kids of all ages, though the most popular options come with the famed eco-parks of the area. Xel-Ha and Xcaret are two outdoor areas that feature everything from natural aquariums to flipper-friendly pools, to gardens, to historic cultural exhibits. Best of all, snorkels are nearly as good as pacifiers when it comes to some peace and quiet during your family vacation.

Sharks, Like Better Versions of Puppies

If your kids have a special zeal for sea life, take them to the acclaimed Interactive Cancun Aquarium. This special park allows the kids to pet sting rays, feed sharks, and watch a dolphin show. If the little ones aren’t quite ready for full-on interaction with the creatures, there are plenty of tanks where you can spot jellyfish, clown fish, lion fish, and even some spunky seahorses in the mix.  Sometimes parenthood is like being tossed in with the sharks; you might as well hang out with real ones in Mexico.

Kings and Queens, Sort of

She’s your little princess and all queens deserve a kingdom to explore. If you’re in the mood for a day trip, head over to Chichen Itza, the Yucatan region’s most famous ruin. The area includes the El Rey ruins, which are filled with lazy iguanas, and the El Meco ruins, which has an epic view of the coastline. A visit to these spots is an excellent opportunity to teach the youngsters about other cultures and the history of Mexico’s people. Just remember, you’re still the king or queen of the castle once the vacation is over.

Little Beasts, Aside from Any Screaming Kiddos  

Say yes to adding some wild into your trip. If your kids are beyond the toddler stage, sign up for a Cancun horse ride. Kids aged five and up are welcomed on most tours, which take you through the Mexican jungle. Prepare to spy exotic creatures flying and crawling just ahead of the bend. Many tours also feature stopping points where your family can swim or snorkel to cool off from the jungle heat.  Just be wary that Johnny or Sally may ask for a pony once you get home. For the record, the correct answer is always, “NO.”

Beach Babes, Unlike Long Ago

Cancun’s biggest appeal, whether you’re 1 or 21 or 51, is the stretch of white sand beaches. Warm waves and soft sand make for the best kind of days. You may want to take the kids to the beaches on the northern side of the city, as the currents are less potent here than on the south. Playa Caracol and Playa Langosta are typically the most family-friendly beaches, and it’s not uncommon to see broods of all shapes and sizes running into the sea together. While you’re more likely to see more babies than babes on these beaches, it doesn’t mean that there still aren’t beautiful sites to see on the shore.

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Bring the kiddies along with you to Cancun. While you might want to leave out stories from your younger days bar-hopping and causing chaos, you can still create happy memories for your whole family to enjoy.

What kid-friendly activity are you looking forward to the most on your Cancun trip?

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