You better believe that Kingston, the country’s first capital, has some big plans for 2017. From festivals and concerts to events, this town is ready to exceed all sorts of expectations this year. If you’ve only been spending time in its big brother city of Toronto, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Check out these fun things to do in Kingston in 2017:

1. Feb Fabulous

If your skates have been gathering dust under the bed, it’s time to shake them off Taylor Swift-style and head down to Feb Fest. This annual event, happening from Feb 2-5, is a premier occasion. Anticipate events like the ice-skating show, hockey series, public skating, and winter fun zone for the kiddos. Look out for flying snow balls.

2. Maple Leaf Red Carpet

Go ahead and treat yo’self to a jumbo popcorn, because the Kingston Canadian Film Festival (happening Mar 2-5) isn’t just a big event for the city; it’s the largest film fest in the world dedicated solely to Canadian movies. In the past 15 years, the event has screened roughly 500 films and 750 short flicks. Sit back, try not to crunch too loudly, and enjoy the show.

3. Jugglers Unite
Kingston Buskers Rendezvous

Not all weekends include fire juggling, so you best make your way to the city during the 2017 Kingston Buskers Rendezvous on July 6-9. Keep your eyes peeled for jugglers, tightrope performers, modern dancers, and a ton of other circus acts ready to impress you.

4. Singing the Blues

There are few things a good harmonica rift and stiff drink can’t solve. Whether you’re feeling blue or just appreciate the artistry of the genre, make your way down to the Limestone City Blues Festival, happening Aug 24-27. The four-day event features top-named acts and bands, with a full line-up released later this year.

5. Vegetarians, Ignore This Section

What’s warm, smoky, and has nothing to do with quinoa or beet juice? RIBS. Kingston is hosting its annual Ribfest Sep 8-10, and you’re going to want to remember the paper towels. In addition to heaps of well-cooked meat, there’s a ton of craft beer available to wash it all down. With one bite, you’ll know why this is a top Kingston thing to do in 2017.

6. Puns Welcome Here

If you use semi-colons in your text messages, you’re probably a writer. Come find inspiration when you attend the Kingston WritersFest, happening Sep 27-Oct 1. The event features presentations, classes, and readings from top writers throughout the country.

7. Brooms of Boom
Travelers Curling Club Championship

Look out for the 2017 Travelers Curling Club Championship when you gaze at Kingston’s calendar this year. Taking place in Kingston Nov 20-25, witness 28 teams from 10 provinces and three territories duke it out on ice.

Make a date with Kingston in 2017. With ribs, jazz, and large stones awaiting you, we’re surprised you’re not out the door with your suitcase already.

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