Staring out of your office window, there are few better places to daydream of than Hawaii. Warm breezes, tropical treats, bright blue oceans, and a playful variety of wildlife make the Hawaiian Islands a beach getaway without compare. No matter which of the six major islands you’re travelling to, stop what you’re doing around sunset. Between the sand, the sea, and the rainforest, the rainbow of sunset colours simply can’t be missed. Here are the best spots to see the sun saying a grand goodnight on each island.

Oahu: Diamond Head

Diamond Head on Oahu offers an excellent view a true island sunset. If you do not mind a bit of hiking, you will want to be sure and visit the top of Diamond Head Crater. Prepare to duck as you hike through the steep cave before the final stairs, and remember to mind your head as you pop out of the former military outpost at the top. The mountain peak features the famous crescent view of the deep blue sea and the city skyline of Waikiki in Honolulu. In fact, this is the view often used on postcards of Oahu.

Kauai: Polihale

Polihale is sometimes called the most beautiful beach in the world, and it’s easy to understand its title the moment you walk on the warm soft sand. Known for its 11 km of white sand against the expansive bright blue Pacific Ocean, the sunsets here are in a word “epic”. One of the best spots to see the sun dip on Polihale Beach is by the Na Pali cliffs, which provides on breath taking view of red rock, azure sea, and purple and gold sky.

Maui: Haleakala

If you’re heading to Maui, you can’t miss the Haleakala National Park for sunset. The massive dormant volcano is the highest point on the island and climbs higher than the clouds. Please remember to bring a sweater. While the island is warm, temperatures drop at the summit. Once you’re at the top, prepare for remarkable sunset that beams a multi-coloured dance on the clouds below before dipping into the sea.

The Big Island: Kona

If you want to view some of the most stunning sunsets on the Hawaiian Islands, you absolutely must visit the Kona area. You may be a little surprised to find yourself surrounded by rocky lava desert lands, but once you drive down to the sea, you simply can’t beat the soft light of the sun peeking through the palm trees. You may want to consider grabbing dinner at one of the resorts, so you can enjoy some island coconut cake while watching the sunset. Many of the servers are more than happy to snap a photo of you when the sun sets in the background.


Molokai is one of the least populated islands, making it an excellent spot for an intimate sunset. Head down to Kauakakai Wharf for the best sunset on the island. The open sand and sea make for an excellent sight as the setting sun highlights the boats in the distance.

Lanai: Kaumalapau Harbor

One of the most unique places to catch a sunset on the small island of Lanai is the Kaumalapau Harbor. The white breakwater concrete blocks constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers give the harbour a wholly one of a kind look. Sitting on the block watching the clear view of the sunset can’t be beat.

You simply can’t leave the Hawaiian islands without viewing a sunset. No matter which sandy beach or mountain peak you’re setting up shop, you want be disappointed by the glittering colours of the day turning into night.

Which island are you heading to on your Hawaiian vacation?