Ah, Mexican beaches…home of wild spring breaks and crazy summer holidays. For years they’ve been the setting for great vacation stories to share with friends–though maybe not grandma. Acapulco and Cancun are still major tourist destinations in Mexico, but Puerto Vallarta is creeping up the charts thanks to its hot club scene and gorgeous beaches. It’s also earned the nickname “The Friendliest City in the World,” and no wonder. Wherever you go, you’ll find someone willing to share a round of drinks or go skinny-dipping in the private hotel pool.

A vacation in Puerto Vallarta is your chance to try new things, things you never would have or could have attempted at home. See new things, take bold chances, and nobody back at work has to know. If you need a few suggestions for your vacation bucket list, try out these options:

Explore the Bottom of a Tequila Bottle

As the saying goes, one drink, two drink, three drink, floor. You can’t go to Mexico without sampling genuine Mexican tequila. Beware that some the places you’ll see advertising tequila are sneaky timeshare gimmicks, luring you in with the promise of free or extremely cheap booze. Yawn. Not exactly the way you want to spend your vacation.

Your best bet is La Playa, a liquor store with several locations throughout the city. Here you can snag a decent bottle at a reasonable price. Make sure you don’t have anything essential planned for the morning. After all, if you and your travelling friends love the taste and sample it all night long, you’re all going to need some recovery time in the a.m.

Look a Shark In the Eye

When asked if they would ever want to go scuba diving, many people respond with a resounding, “Heck no! Have you seen Jaws?” Now you have the chance to go home and brag that you went swimming with sharks and survived. Don’t worry, the sharks found in these waters aren’t actually life-threatening. Whale sharks are frequent visitors to Puerto Vallarta beaches, and while they’re definitely big enough to look scary, they feed on plankton and do not attack humans.

Naturally, you don’t have to tell anyone else this little detail. For the rest of your life you can claim, “I swam with sharks, and looked at one right in the eye.” Don’t leave town without giving it a shot.

Feel Like a Room without a Roof at a Gay Club

Speaking of shots, Puerto Vallarta has one of Mexico’s hottest nightlife scenes. More notably, it’s a top LGBT tourist destination, with bars, nightclubs, and even a gay beach. Head to the city’s south side, known as “Zona Romántica,” for some delicious drinks and dance the night away. There clubs of all varieties to match your preference, whether that’s amor or amigos.

Off-Road in the Mexican Jungle

After you’ve had your adventures on the beaches, don’t forget to look a little further inland for an exciting off-the-grid experience. The Sierra Madre mountains and jungle are right there at your fingertips, ready to be explored. Fill up your backpack, rent a jeep, hire a guide, and venture into the wilderness.

Break out of your shell on your trip to Puerto Vallarta and create a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. This is the perfect opportunity to try something you’re finally bold enough to conquer. You can do it!

What are you looking forward to the most on your Puerto Vallarta vacation?