Waking up with blood-shot eyes and confetti in your hair is a fairly common way to experience the daylight hours of Las Vegas. However, if you choose to close the curtains, track down something for your pounding headache, and sleep until The Strip glows again in the night, you’re missing a whole other side of Sin City. Here are some top things to do in Vegas during the day:

Get Wet

Las Vegas is home to some of the best pool parties on the West Coast. Beautiful people, free-flowing drinks, and cool waters in the desert heat are more than enough to convince you this ain’t your middle school pool party. Keep your eyes open for some of the hottest DJs spinning the latest hits. Get your plastic cup ready for brightly coloured drinks splashing to the rim all afternoon. And look cute; more than a few celebrities dip their chiselled bodies into the popular pools. You may be out during the garish light of day, but the half-naked pool guys and girls should help keep your eyes open.

Fit Into a Sling

Photo attribution: Flickr/Creative Commons/Andrew Magill/Via/https://flic.kr/p/4emJcb

Photo attribution: Flickr/Creative Commons/Andrew Magill/Via/https://flic.kr/p/4emJcb

You can play the slots, or you can do some spinning above them. Vegas isn’t just called an amusement park for adults; it lives up to the hype. Interspersed with the bars and clubs are a number of rides throughout The Strip. How about jumping off the 108th floor of the Stratosphere with just a harness and some wire? Or zipping around in circles on the 35 km/h Canyon Blaster, which is, appropriately enough, the same colour as Pepto-Bismol®. Or maybe you want to take your chances on something called The Slingshot, which hurls you up a 30 m structure at speeds equivalent to a rocket launch. If you haven’t been on a roller coaster since your last field trip or first date, this is the town to get reacquainted with stomach-twisting thrills.

Solve Crime

There are some shows that exude guilty pleasure and lead you to binge-watch when no one else is around, and crime shows are definitely in this category. Well, hide your TV detective skills no longer! The MGM Grand is home to CSI: The Experience, created after the CBS TV show “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” The exhibit offers hands-on opportunities to solve three crimes and learn about forensics along the way. Just remember: Like at home, don’t shout out who did it once you’ve figured out the killer.

Don’t Blow Up

Photo attribution: Flickr/Creative Commons/brewbooks/Via/https://flic.kr/p/axbaUp

Photo attribution: Flickr/Creative Commons/brewbooks/Via/https://flic.kr/p/axbaUp

One way to convince yourself that a second round at the dessert buffet is worth it is by visiting the National Atomic Testing Museum. Nothing says vacation like a reminder of human destruction! That being said, the museum is a unique view into the innovation of atomic technology that was done in the Nevada desert. The centre features preserved photos and artifacts of the area’s history. There is even a section dedicated to the mysterious Area 51. Were there aliens hiding out in the desert, or just atomic technology? You be the judge.

Night owls have their fun, but daylight dwellers can have their kicks, too. Next time you’re in Sin City, make some time to see the sights during the warm light of day. After all, sin doesn’t know the difference between two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Have fun out there.

What’s your favourite daytime Vegas activity?