Picture it: You and your partner are stuck in the desert, with no clue where the hotel is located. I can assure you, wine and chocolates do not come next. With road tripping, there are some things you need to do to avoid squirrely squabbles. Hitting the road is an adventure, and a fun one—so keep it that way. Here are some tips for road tripping with your significant other:

Get Your Freak On

Along with your underwear and special pillow, you need to pack some good music for the road. There is no better environment for an awkward conversation about the future of your relationship than a dead quiet car. Choose your collection wisely. You and your partner probably know each other’s tastes by now, and you don’t want to be a pest by blasting Paris Hilton’s one hit over and over again. Missy Elliott’s music on the other hand… Look, the basic rule is this: You don’t need to listen to the same styles of music, but try to mesh fairly well. You may also want to download some podcasts before your trip, or pick out a new audio book for the road. Word to the wise: Don’t listen to “Gone Girl” with your partner on the lonely road. You won’t look at each other the same way.

Junk in the Trunk and in the Cup Holders

cw13_1_Snacks background with potato chips and cheese flavored puffs

The happiness of your trip correlates with the variety of your snacks. Junk food like gummy worms and M&Ms are worth their weight in gold, though carrots and grapes are perfectly healthy alternatives. Anything sticky, off-brand, or nothing at all is a recipe for disaster. Forget hungry bears; worry about your hangry passenger with her snide remarks about your blinker use.

Know Where the F You’re Going

There is a difference between taking the scenic route and being totally and helplessly lost. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t stop off at some funky attraction or weird landmark. By all means, stop—that’s what fun stories are made of. The issue starts when you have no idea if the historic battlefield is straight ahead or 50 km behind you. Don’t turn into a sitcom couple by getting into petty arguments about directions in no-man’s land.

Stop in the Name of Love and Gas

Maybe you’re someone who only wants to do a pit-stop every few hours, but your partner chugging Mountain Dew® needs to stop a lot more than that. Choose well-lit gas stations with in-house bathrooms. And remember: Breaks aren’t just necessary; they can help with your sleepiness levels. Changing drivers gives you time to rest. And trust us, you don’t want to be tired and grumpy when you’re stuck in a car with someone for hours on end.

Tap That App

cw13_2_A worn vitage photo of an abandoned motel in Arizona

One of the best aspects of road tripping in 2015 is that you have a ton of apps to avoid bickering. Whether you need to know where the nearest gas station is located, or the closest burger joint, you don’t have to rely on psychic powers. You may even want to use a hotel app a few hours before rolling into town. Nothing spells tension like a hard day of diving followed by hours looking for a hotel with open rooms.

With spring right around the corner, many couple are getting restless for a trip out yonder. Remember extra socks, your phone charger, by all things holy, don’t forget your partner in the gas station bathroom.

Do you have any funny stories about road tripping with your partner?