Good grief, give us a break from all those “woe to the single people” posts. Not all singles are staying home watching “Never Been Kissed” on repeat (though hellooo again, Michael Vartan). Vancouver is one dynamic city. And whether you’re travelling here or live here, you know there’s a ton to do, no matter if you’re hitched up or cruising solo. Here are the best things to do for singles in Vancouver:

Brews For You

When you’re single in Vancouver, you don’t have to worry about waiting on someone to meet you for coffee on time. You can mosey out of your hotel and hit up a chic espresso joint whenever you want and stay as long as you want. Read a book, bring your computer, people watch, or order two desserts and don’t feel a tad bit bad about it. Check out coffee shops like Revolver for Instagram-worthy lattes, Heartwood for strong brews and live poetry readings, or experience Catfe, Vancouver’s first cat café.

Keep it Classy, Vancouver

One of the best times to learn more about a city is when you’re single and can take as long as you want exploring various museums. Take your time examining exhibits at the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, admiring new pieces of art at the Vancouver Contemporary Art Museum, or learning more about local history at the Museum of Vancouver. Plus, if you are interested in dating in Vancouver, these places may be worth a return visit with a new beau.

Go to an Event

Vancouver has an insane number of events throughout the year. Don’t be afraid to get wacky when you take part in events like International Pillow Fight Day (April), Vancouver Water Fight (August), or the Zombie Walk (September). Whether you’re bringing friends or checking out the town solo, you can count on an entertaining time in the city. Plus, if you’re looking for the Vancouver dating scene, this is the perfect time to run into new people.

Run, Friend, Run

You don’t have anyone to slow you down, so enjoy sunny afternoons on the trails of Vancouver. Stanley Park is always a favourite, as you can get the salty airflow from the sea wall. Plus, if you plan your holiday in June, you’ll hear “The Wall,” Pink Floyd’s famous album, played in its entirety during the annual Pink Floyd and the Sea Wall event. Looking for a landmark on your jog? A trip to Brockton Point is a top option, as it’ll take you to the Brockton Point Lighthouse at the pinnacle of your journey.

Shop Till That Credit Card Hurts

Give yourself a little (or a lot) of shopping TLC—we won’t judge. Vancouver has one of the best shopping scenes in the country. Take your time exploring Robson Street, which is home to a mecca of boutiques filled with everything from high-end fashion to bohemian threads.

Being single in Vancouver is a wonderful thing, thank you very much. Take your time exploring all the events, museums, and boutiques at your own pace. The city is your oyster!

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