We can’t all be like Britney Spears…or can we? If there is one thing we can do like Brit-Brit–along with Elvis, Michael Jordan, and Pamela Anderson—it’s getting married in Sin City. In fact, nearly 100,000 couples of both the celebrity and Average Joe variety get married in Las Vegas each year. Here are some tips for saying “I do” in the self-proclaimed Marriage Capital of the World:

Rest Easy, Canadians Welcomed
First and foremost, yes, you can get married in Vegas even if you’re not a resident of the United States. You’ll simply have to send a certified copy of your marriage certificate and an apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State to your respective government. The one thing you do have to be wary about when you’re an out-of-towner? Other out-of-towners. Thousands of them. Hordes of people flock to the dazzling lights of Vegas each year to exchange vows, so you may have to wait in line with celebs, international travellers, and drunk college kids to get your license. Feel free to invite any of them to the party, of course.

Don’t Melt
A jaunt just a few minutes away from The Strip should do wonders to remind you that Las Vegas is a desert. Expansive, dusty, and hot—it’s clear why fall and spring tend to be the most popular times to tie the knot in town. If you’re planning on a large Las Vegas wedding with plenty of photos, try to book your Big Day between March and May or September and November. Sweat stains aren’t exactly cute in photos that will last through posterity.

Unfollow Traditional Traditions
Vegas is all about turning an average wedding on its head. Want to get married in full Star Trek garb? Do it. Want aliens or Elvis to marry you? Go ahead. This is a city that welcomes sinners and saints, thought-out plans and last-minutes dates. The real trick is finding the right wedding venue that will give you all the props you need for a topsy-turvy wedding you can only find in Sin City.

Pick Up Some Fries with That Marriage
Luckily, when it comes to Las Vegas wedding venues, you truly have your pick. The casinos are large and glittering, the drive-thru chapels are small and kitschy, and just about any other option is available, too.

If you’re feeling spontaneous, nostalgic, and want to save money, you might want to venture into the famous Little White Wedding Chapel. You have your option of a tiny white room with a few seats where Bruce Willis once got hitched or a drive-thru where Sinead O’Connor said “I do” in the back of pink Cadillac. The Little Church of the West is another favourite quickie wedding spot, and was the choice location for stars like Judy Garland, Richard Gere, and Lars Ulrich.

For something more upscale, Mon Bel Ami is an award-winning venue and known for its beautiful gardens and upscale service. The Bellagio is right at its heels with splendid views of the fountains that shoot up during the final kiss of the ceremony. Whether you’re getting married for 55 hours like Britney or are making a life commitment, Vegas is the place to be for the big “I do.”

Whether you’re wearing a white dress, gold suit, or white pant suit, Las Vegas is always happy to provide the stage for wacky wedding bliss.

Why do you want to get married in Sin City?