Las Vegas has cornered the market of strange, and proudly so. While you can see a Broadway show just about anywhere, Sin City is one of the few places to catch a zombie burlesque performance or a flashy musical about menopause. Next time you find yourself in the Entertainment Capital of the World, book your front-row seat to some of the strangest shows you’ll only see in Vegas.

Good Riddance, Aunt Flo 

Whether you have hot flashes or just like obtaining tickets to the hottest shows in town, make your way to Menopause: The Musical. The show revolves around four women who meet at a lingerie sale. The seasoned group of ladies includes a hippie, housewife, power executive, and aging soap star, and all are going through “the change.” Featuring remixed R&B tunes, such as “Stayin’ Awake! Stayin’ Awake!,” it’s the kind of musical that knows how to give a wink to the so-called second round of puberty in a woman’s life. Will men enjoy the show? Perhaps not as much. Is it worth dragging your hubby to a performance? Oh yes.

More Zombie Dancers, Please

Week37_1_Rock Star Woman

If you’ve ever been to a burlesque show and thought: “There should be more zombies in this,” Las Vegas is here to help. Zombie Burlesque, playing at Planet Hollywood, takes place in 1958 during the atomic era. Two singers and six dancers put on an eccentric burlesque show, which features all things sexy with a side helping of the undead. If you’re into that kind of thing, it’s the perfect show to get a rise out your night.

Getting Wet is Perfectly Normal 

A dreamland of liquid and bendy limbs is what Le Rêve at the Wynn is all about. The intricate show blends gymnastics with aquatic theatre. Dancers take part in everything from high dives and aerial tricks, to underwater tango. While you can see the performance from the stands, the best seats in the house are available underwater. Sign up for scuba certification during your stay at the hotel and view the show from under the depths. Wet and wild, it’s a show you’ll want your eyes wide open for.

Pooches and Puss—Cats Are Welcome

Week37_2_Mime kissing gray cat

If your dog can only fetch and shake hands, start charging him for rent. At Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater, a troop of 10 dogs and 15 cats do a range of tricks like walking across tight ropes, jumping rope, and playing soccer. The man of the hour Popovich isn’t too shabby himself. He shows off a magnitude of old-fashioned clown tricks, such as juggling with the animals as his sidekicks and balancing atop a straight ladder. Safe to say, it’s a dog-gone good time.

Every Day is a Cabaret

Named after the once-illegal drink, Absinthe at Caesars Palace is a naughty mix of cabaret and sensual acrobatics. The show takes place only a few meters away from the audience, which allows a front-row view of the dancers’ signature flexibility, balance, and erotic movements. Absinthe has the performers stripped to their undergarments, which makes for titillating views as shirtless men in tuxedo bows walk across tight ropes, scantily clad women sing atop tables, and toned couples do acrobatics while dancing on roller skates. Take a shot of Absinthe for a rush without the hangover.

Sin City is never shy when it comes to the outlandish, the strange, and the sexy. Come see some of the weirdest and most entertaining shows on The Strip during your next trip to the desert city.

What’s your favourite off-the-wall live show in Vegas?